Tax Law Practice


Ismail Rasheed, IR Legal’s Principal Solicitor, has 18 years’ experience as a tax law specialist.


For many years he worked for the Inland Revenue's Centre of Legal Excellence, Office of the Chief Tax Counsel, and later moved to the Department's Large Enterprises Unit in Wellington. More recently, he advised Inland Revenue's Investigations Unit on complex tax issues and the use of the Commissioner's powers by Inland Revenue staff. His particular focus, in recent years, has been on tax avoidance issues, insurance taxation, issues involving Crown entities, tax disputes, and preparing general tax law advice to customers in the form of binding rulings and indicative views.


With Ismail Rasheed’s experience, IR Legal is very fortunate to be in a position to manage tax disputes on your behalf, request indicative views from Inland Revenue on matters of concern so you know you are doing the right thing, and seek binding rulings from the Commissioner for business arrangements you wish to implement in order to limit your audit risks in relation to those arrangements. IR Legal can also contact Inland Revenue on your behalf to negotiate arrangements in relation to tax arrears if we believe there are valid reasons. It is never too late to try and settle your tax issues with Inland Revenue.











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