Areas of Practice


Whether you have an established business or are a new venture, finding the right lawyer is essential.


At IR Legal, we understand the challenges you face. We offer advice that will allow you to focus on your business and advance your business goals.


We provide advice which is timely and effective. Clients can count on us for a powerful, expert approach to meeting the challenges of their businesses. IR Legal services include:


Specialist Tax Advice


- Offering tax advice to accountants, law firms and individuals.

- Offering tax advice to high wealth individuals

- Offering tax advice to small to medium businesses and large corporate entities

- Offering tax advice to insurance companies

- Offering  specialist advice on tax efficient business arrangements and products

- Offering assessments of tax consequences resulting from commercial or family matters

- Assisting clients with IRD investigations
- Managing and taking clients through IRD tax disputes process
- Obtaining indicative legal views from IRD
- Obtaining binding rulings from IRD
- Negotiating tax payment arrangements with IRD


Specialist Immigration Advice


 - Assisting with temporary visa (visitor, student or work permit) applications

 - Assisting with permanent NZ residency in the following categories:

            - Skilled Migrant category

            - Work to Residence category

            - Entrepreneur Work category

            - Investment category

            - Family category

            - Samoan Quota category

            - Pacific Access category

 - Assisting with Residence class visa appeals

 - Assisting with Deportation appeals

 - Assisting with Humanitarian appeals


Specialist AML/CFT Compliance and Legal Advice


Assessment of your business for risk, and preparing your AML/CFT risk assessment 

  and AML/CFT program

Advising on the application of the AML/CFT regime to your business

- Advising on implementation of AML/CFT processes

- Advising on the appointment of an AML/CFT compliance officer (including vetting,

  qualification and training for the role)

Advising on customer due diligence (CDD), including standard, simplified and 

  enhanced CDD. This includes helping you to choose available identity verification

  options to simply compliance costs.

- Advising on the prescribed transaction reporting rules

- Advising on the preparation and filing of suspicious activity reports, having regard to

  statutory, common law and legal privilege

- Providing AML/CFT training sessions to staff

- Drafting and adapting template documents

- Liaising with the AML/CFT supervisors

- Independent assessment of your business risks, AML/CFT risk assessment and the

  functions of AML/CFT compliance officer


IR Legal will work with you to make a strategic assessment of the chances of your success and will try to get the best possible outcome for you.


Our motto is "To Care and Protect ".










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